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           (An organization of Certified Engineers & Environmentalists)

Aims and Objectives:

Confederation of Engineers & Appraisers has its following aims & objectives which CEA would like to frame it in legal format.

  • Promote the engineers in brachwise.
  • Create a platform for certified engineers and Valuers for certification of various structures
  • Providing basic Knowledge to Professional Engineers / Structural Engineers / Approved Valuers / Certified Engineers with code of conduct in related field of practicing.
  • Provide National & International Standards & Policies (Town Planning & Valuation Depts, Development Authorities, Municipal Corporations, Industrial Development Corporations and Public Works Departments) to empanelled Valuers, Engineers & concern Authorities.
  • Providing sample contract copies of foreign countries with Indian Municipal Corporations for Research.
  • Providing Structural Codes & Standards for designing Earthquake Resistant Designs for Engineers & Development Authorities, Municipal Corporations.
  • Providing the DSR & PWD rates for Engineers & related organizations.
  • Performa for Municipal Corporations/ Councils for empanelling the Structural Engineers / Licensing Engineers / Architects.
  • Performa for Housing & Urban Development Authorities to empanel the Architects / Engineers.
  • Circulation of Different Govt. GR�s / Notifications between Every Engineer in India & the related authorities.
  • Forward the names of qualified practicing professionals to Ministry of Human Resource & Development, Govt. of India.
  • Arrange the conversation periods for different authorities and Engineers / Technicians / Architects / Licensed engineers/ Structural engineers / liasoning engineers etc.
  • Always welcome to the new formats / Bye Laws / Structural Designs / Valuation Techniques & Forwarded to Planning Commission, Govt. of India.
  • Forwarding the feedback form to each one demanded in personally for complaints and Good faith of them.(Individuals/professional Associations / Developments Authorities / Municipal Corporations / Town planning & valuation.Departments / Industrial Development Corporations Etc.
  • Guidelines for structural engineers for practice.
  • CEA is In touch with municipal corporations for the expiry date of the sanctioned buildings and informed to the owners of the same.
  • To publish e-Journal on structural engineering.
  • To promote the field of structural engineering.
  • Sources, specifications and manufacture of the building materials for the Construction Works in India.
  • Develop and circulate the structural standards to each and every member.
  • Guidelines for structural engineers for practice.
  • We (CEA) do not appear to be giving any serious consideration to planning in this our Country. What is more surprising is that we are not following the Rules and Regulations & Bye-Laws of the concern authorities.
  • A nation demand for development and re-construction and for higher living standards based on improved productivity means that the need for qualified Structural Engineers is continuous and expanding. Yet this Country made no provision at all of the training of Structural Engineers and also a Central Legislative Act.
  • The (CEA) Institution circulates technical reports and e-journal that provide essential, accurate information for structural engineers.
  • Our reports provide reliable information to allow structural engineers to proceed with confidence. The reports are carefully prepared by individual task groups reporting to the Institution's technical publications panel.
  • The CEA is a group of Earthquake Engineers, Architects and Academicians & Certified Structural Engineers, who collaborate with colleagues in earthquake prone states in the countries to improve the seismic resistance of both traditional and engineered structure.
  • Liasoning between the state government and central government for the new coming standards and convey to the members.

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